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Golden Glo – Your one stop shop

Welcome to the fresh new look

Golden Glo - Your one stop shop

We have been selling Melanotan 2 for over ten years now and have a database of around 25,000 customers, many of whom are repeat customers. We are still the same reputable, reliable company you’ve come to know – we just felt it was time for a ‘freshen-up’. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal customers who have continued to purchase from us over the years. We know you have a choice of where to buy your tanning products from so thank you for choosing us.

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Never tanned in my life before always burned. Used couple of vials over 6 weeks before the holiday with a couple of sunbeds a week and bronze beyond belief. The holiday was so much better as I could relax in sun with no fear of burning. Made it the best holiday ever!

James McGuire

Used a small amount of this melanotan, 250mcg x 4 (tan easy naturally) & had a few days in the sun, I look like I’ve been on holiday for 2 weeks so the stuff is clearly potent & haven’t had any sides yet either other than slight flushing for 30 mins after. Definitely recommend.


a premiere vue c’est vrm chelou le site web n’est meme pas sécurisé, mais jai commandé 4x en trois ans et j’ai jamais eu aucun pb, et livraison rapide. aussi jaime bien la qualité de la lyophilisation. par rapport à d’autres marques ca fait + propre.les seringues sont plus fines que ce qu’on peut trouver en france. il faut prendre ces seringues.

Noémie Svickova

Great product! I have a fair complexion and do not tan easily, I tried the Melanotan starter kit in conjunction with a couple of sunbed sessions and it really does work. End result….great suntan which doesn’t fade quickly and you can just top it up with one injection and a sunbed session every week or fortnight depending on how deep you want your tan colour. I placed a repeat order and received it the very next morning. Great product and Great service.

Caroline Dowie

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Golden Glo – Your one stop shop