Melanotan 2 – Nasal Spray



The Nasal Spray is the perfect option for our customers who hate the idea of needles but want the fabulous results of Melanotan 2.

Amount of water to mix

Firstly please read our mixing instructions in the ‘How to use Melanotan 2’ tab at the top of this page. Then simply inject the mixture from both vials into your nasal spray bottle. 1ml of water per 10 mg vial of MT2 powder. This will then give 20 sprays per 20 mg Nasal Spray Package. NOTE. Nasal spray administrations are about 30-40% as effective compared to injection, which is why each pack comes with 2 x 10 mg vials.

2 sprays every other day.


2 x 10mg Melanotan 2

1 x 5ml Water

1 x Insulin Syringe (for the mixing process)

1 x Alcohol Wipe (for the mixing process)

1 x Nasal Spray Bottle

Please note vials are sent unlabelled.


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